Learning centre for special kids

For those who want to fly, who are special, the gods’ own form, will rise and shine – just like other kids. We are here to give them those wings; we are Anoora, the first golden rays of the rising sun, the rays of hope and the rays of a new beginning. We are eager to groom a bud into a beautiful flower.

The Founders

Dr. Harshal Brahmbhatt

Occupational Therapist

Dr. Devraj Trivedi

Occupational Therapist

What our Happy Parents Say

  • My daughter has never been sociable, due to her problem in able to communicate properly. she was lost in the crowd, due to this disability of hers. After receiving a proper treatment from iPCU, she overcame this problem and has improved a lot. she finally finds her place in the crowd, and we are happy to see her flourish. way to go anoora.
    2 Years
  • My son had issues in coping with the day-to-day activities. at iPCU, they gave him a systematic practical based ADL training. we are very happy to see a remarkable improvement after undergoing the treatment. i could not imagine how fast he recovered from his condition. thank you iPCU for giving such helpful treatments and the Midas touch to my child.
    Ved Patel
    9 Years
  • My son faced some issues in solving problems and managing things at school, she was more like a normal child but these things bothered us. hence we made her go through the prescribed treatment at iPCU, and now i am free from my botheration. these people take a good care of your child. good luck iPCU
    Krish Mehta
    7 Years
  • iPCU is a one stop solution for behavioral and speech related issues for toddlers and young children. Therapist at iPCU are very caring, efficient and provide homely environment for patients. When we first visited iPCU, our kid used to speak only very few words that too with incorrect pronunciation. But, now he has started speaking short sentence and his vocabulary has grown significantly and pronunciation has also improved.
    Shaurya Mittal
    3 Years
  • The atmosphere inside IPCU is marvelous and Autistic child easily adopt here. The facilities treatment of therapy is unique and is designed to reduce the symptoms of autism. IPCU treatment focuses on communication, interaction, change and transitions, behaviors and response, social competencies and sensory processing.

    I always recommended about IPCU to others facing such kind of problems.

    Krithik Kumar
    5 Years

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